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"Just wanted to say Thank You for sharing your techniques in your videos, etc.  I'm having fun with all the new projects after work."


Hi Brad. I ordered your advanced patterns and it is amazing. Thanks, too, for all the extra tips. -Anyone who needs to get to that next level should get this dvd. Peace and love to you.


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Learn How To Make Great Tie Dyes Fast!

Running a tie dye business from home can be very fun and rewarding. My personal opinion is you will need to learn as much as possible. For this reason I suggest you get all 4 of the videos. Each video teaches you different information.

The first video will get you started making tie dyes and have some cool designs. If you are new to tie dye this video is a must have.

The tie dye star video will teach you how to create the super hard to learn star. I say it that way because it took me over 10 years to figure it out & master it. You can tell the skills of a tie dye maker, by if they can create a star with the white lines.

The third video on butterflies is beneficial for when you want to create much more detailed designs like the butterfly. This pattern uses a combination of techniques taught in videos 1 and 2, and teaches you what I call 3-D folding.

The fourth video, The Secret to Advanced Tie Dye, will teach you how to create the highly coveted designs like the music note, turtle, and yin-yang, along with the guitar and phoenix bird. In this video I teach techniques I donít discuss anywhere else.

 So it really depends on how far down into the rabbit hole you want to go. One thing to keep in mind is IMO you are better off, buying the instructions and learning how to create the designs right out of the gate. I say this, because I watch people do it all the time, where they want to save money, and not buy the instructions from me. But then they spend the next 2 years learning a design.

 The perfect example: There is a lady who teaches the peace sign. She says she has spent 2 years, and hundreds of dollars perfecting the design. I have to ask myself why she didnít pay me $20 to teach her how to make a perfect peace sign in 15 minutes. She could have sold all of those designs she messed up.

 I think of my videos as educational. If you are aiming to sell tie dyes, then you should educate your self as best as possible to give yourself the best advantage possible.

 Financially think about it this way.

  • Video 1 - $20 Ė teaches 8 designs. Sell 1 of each for $10 and you now have $80. I sell them for more.

  • Video 2 - $20 Ė teaches 1 design that took me over 10 years to perfect, and you can learn it in 1 hour.

  • Video 3 - $20 Ė teaches you how to 3-D fold. I sell 1 butterfly tapestry for no less than $20. I have sold most of them for $35.

  • Video 4 - $50 Ė teaches you 5 advanced patterns. Sell 1 of each for $10 and get your money back. I sell these designs for no less than $20 each. I sell the phoenix bird for $45

 Then you can just keep making awesome tie dyes for a full profit.



Iím wondering how many people are making tie dyes. I think there are lots of moms and teachers making tie dyes through out the year. Of course there are those who make tie dyes year round. But I think tie dyes are big in school.

When Iím out selling tie dyes and I tell people I have a great instructional DVD on How To Tie Dye, most of the people say, ďI know how to tie dye, I did that a long time ago.Ē Some say back in the 60ís and some say back in school. I wonder why they donít make tie dyes any more. I think many people think it is messy. This is where I donít think they shouldnít make tie dyes because of the mess. By doing a little planning you can easily make tie dyes with no more mess than cooking dinner.

My thoughts here are focused on school teachers and art teachers. I understand these folks are usually well trained in what they do. Iím sure many of them can teach tie dyes in a class room. Iím really just hoping to raise the bar on the quality of tie dyes getting made in the schools. I think many of the teachers putting on a tie dye class will merely go over the most basic tie dye patterns. Yea the kids make the tie dyes and they have a lot of fun, but wouldnít it be nice if they loved their tie dyes? What if they couldnít stop thinking about it because theirs was so cool and they had to wear it all the time with the thought on their mind, ďI made this! Look at how good I did!Ē

I donít really think many of the kids are going to go buy a how to tie dye video because their going to make tie dyes in school on Thursday. They expect the teacher to show them something cool and let them make their own cool tie dye.

So the teacher can use her current knowledge about making tie dyes, research on the net for tips, spend hours reading a book, or she can sit down in front of her TV with her favorite drink, relax, and learn how to make 10 killer tie dyes. The teacher and the students will benefit from this. The teacher will get high marks from the students for having a strong understanding of tie dye patterns, and the kids will be able to make tie dyes to be envied by the students who learned just the basic patterns.

Many people are looking for things to do around their house. On weekends or after dinner is a great time to make tie dyes. Tie Dyes are fun for adults and kids making it a great family activity. Every one gets excited to open the tie dyes, and wearing them makes you feel great! Folding the cotton up doesnít take very long, so once you get started itís easy to make more. The mess is easy to clean up and the price is inexpensive.

As for the price, if you like tie dyes think about this. You can buy 3 pre made tie dye shirts for the same price you can buy a tie dye kit and 20 t-shirts. So this raises the question, ďHow can I get my tie dyes to look like the ones I would buy?Ē You can learn to make your favorite tie dyes by getting tie dye instructions from an experienced tie dye maker.

If youíve ever asked a tie dye vendor about their methods you might have thought getting answers was like pulling teeth. Well my name is Brad Garrett and Iíve recorded and put onto DVD my methods for making tie dyes. This is my way of giving back. I want to teach everyone who wants to know how to make professional looking tie dyes.

Iíve been making tie dyes for almost 17 years now. Iím mostly self-taught, but I messed around with it for a few years with some friends, so I give them some credit. Iíve figured out all the patterns I make. Iíve also spent weeks and thousands of dollars testing methods and learning patterns. Thereís no need for you to do all that now. Iíve put on this tie dye DVD my methods for working with the chemicals, which I called the Crash Course, and created 10 tie dye instructions for patterns.

So with the one DVD, the Tie Dye Crash Course will teach you all about the process of making tie dyes and show you how to make 10 different patterns.

This is the best way to get great results from your tie dyes.

Once youíve mastered the first Tie Dye Crash Course, you can take the second Tie Dye Crash Course on the Star Pattern. In this DVD, I teach you how to make the Star Pattern tie dye on a tapestry sheet and on a T-shirt. You will learn how to fold and tie the cotton into a beautiful Star tie dye. These are the stars with the white lines. This technique took me years to perfect, and Iíll teach you how to do it in 55 minutes.

If you want to take your skills to the next level, my third DVD teaches you how to fold, tie, and color a Butterfly Pattern onto a tapestry sheet. In this video I show you folding and tying techniques that I donít cover in either of the other two videos. For me, these techniques opened the door for me to making more advanced patterns, shapes, and objects.


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