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About Phat Dyes

brad garrett

My name is Brad Garrett, I'm a Tie Dye Artist, and I grew up in Dayton Ohio. I started making Tie Dyes in 1990 with a couple of friends. Since then I have continued to make Tie Dyes, and tech myself new techniques. My curiosity and experience has led me to make the tie dyes I used to dream about.

The reason I started the site is simple. I really enjoy making tie dyes and all the aspects that includes. I found my self reluctant to make lots more because my inventory was already pretty large. I needed a way to sell the tie dyes. There was no good reason to keep packing them away in boxes.

My background is in computer support. This has enabled me to create and maintain this website, and create the instructional videos.

My techniques are unique, because Iím self taught. I haven't used any books, videos, or other sources of information to learn how to make any patterns. I did read the instructions sent with my first tie dye kit back in 1990. Ever since then I've used my own modified version, of those instructions, to mix the chemicals and apply the dyes.


Red Tie Dye Bar-PHatDyes

I use http://www.zazzle.com/mrtiedye* for printing

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