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Learn how-to Tie Dye instructions on DVD

How To Tie Dye Video

Tie Dye Crash Course 1

All the Basics + 8 Patterns (must have!)

Tie Dye DVD 1


Learn all about the Tie Dye chemicals, where to get them, and how to use them.


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learning how to stars patterns

Tie Dye Stars How To Video

Tie Dye Crash Course 2  

Focus on Stars

Tie Dye DVD 2


Broaden your  Tie Dye skills with a different approach to folding, tying, and coloring tie dyes.


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How-to butterfly pattern

Tie Dye Butterfly How To Video

Tie Dye Crash Course 3  

Focus on Butterflies

Tie Dye DVD 3


Take your Tie Dye skills to the next level by learning how to fold and tie the butterfly pattern.


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Secret to Advanced Tie Dye

Secret to Advanced Tie Dye

3 Hours Long

Tie Dye DVD 4

learn how to tie dye guitar patterns and designslearn how to tie dye music note designs and patternslearn how to tie dye turtles instructionslearn how to make the yin yang tie dye pattern Phoenix Bird Tie Dye Tapestry Learn how to

Makes These 5 Killer Designs!


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Tie Dye Crash Course On Peace Signs DVD Cover

New! - Tie Dye Peace Signs Instructional Video

Tie Dye Crash Course 5

Focus on Peace Signs

3 ways I make them

Learn how to make them on both sides of a shirt, with white lines, & on tapestries!

tie dye peace sign videopeace sign tapestry for videostring only peace sign for videostring only smiley face tie dye



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Tie Dye Crash Course Series

Learn how to Tie Dye



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Make ShirtsThe first Tie Dye Crash Course is designed to be an all-inclusive how to tie dye video. So you will learn what the tie dye chemicals are, where to get them, and how to use them. But thatís just the beginning.

You will also learn the concepts behind folding tie dyes. Understanding why the cotton is folded a certain way will help you understand how you created the tie dye pattern.

After you understand the concept and basic how-to of making tie dyes, you will see exactly how to make 10 different tie dye patterns. You will be guided through each step taken to create each tie dye.

You can learn how to make excellent tie dyes in under an hour and a half by taking the Tie Dye Crash Course.



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Once youíre ready to take tie dyeing to the next level, you should take the Tie Dye Crash Course on Stars. In this video you will use some of the techniques you learned in the first tie dye  Crash Course, but most of the information, techniques, and methods covering this technique are only covered in the Tie Dye Crash Course on Stars.

If youíre looking to expand the knowledge about tie dye you learned in the first and second DVDs, this next video is for you. Take many of the steps from the first tie dye video, rearrange them, and use them in combination to create the Tie Dye Butterfly.

No matter what the case is, if youíre interested in seeing how awesome tie dyes are created, so that you can make them your-self, youíve got to take the Tie Dye Crash Courses.

My most recent addition to the tie dye series is The Secret to Advanced Tie Dye. This is a great video for anyone who is looking to take their skills and designs to the next level. This new tie dye video will teach you how to make advanced tie dye patterns that most tie dyers can't make. These are my top picks when it comes to tie dye designs. I choose these specific patterns, so once you can make these, you will have the techniques to make other, even more awesome tie dye patterns.



Click below to see a compilation of clips from the how to Tie Dye Crash Course.


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Fast Tie Dye Video 1


Fast Tie Dye Video 2


Fast Tie Dye Video 3


Fast Tie Dye Video 5

Peace Signs

Fast Tie Dye Video 4



Get all 4 video downloads for the best discount!


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